Alabama vs.Mississippi

  Date: 10/1/1966  
  Score: 17-7  
  Alabama vs. Mississippi Kenny Stabler stole the show for Alabama in the one going 16-19 passing for 144 yards to lead the Tide to a 17-7 victory over the Ole Miss Rebels. Les Kelley scored first for the Tide with a 2 yard touchdown run in the second quarter to give Alabama the 7-0 halftime lead. In the third, Stabler hit Ray Perkins on a 28 yard touchdown pass. After a Mississippi touchdown in the fourth cut the lead to a single touchdown Steve Davis hit on a 21 yard field goal to make it a two score game and that was enough to defeat the rebels. The 1966 squad finished 11-0, as SEC champions, and with a win in the Sugar Bowl against Nebraska for Coach Bryant.