Alabama vs.Howard

  Date: 10/10/1908  
  Score: 17-0  
  Alabama vs. Howard For the second week in a row Alabama shutout its opponent this time by the score of 17-0. Derrill Pratt scored the first touchdown of the game off of a E.B. Peebles pass. Alabama's "Millitary Formation" was very successful in the second half as it allowed Pratt to cross the endzone again off of a 35 yard run. Joe Mudd scored the final touchdown. To open the 1908 season the Alabama Crimsons took on Wetumpka Agricultural School on campus and defeated them 27-0. Owen Gresham scored the first touchdown of the game in the first half on a tackle over tackle play. Hunry Burks scored two touchdowns as well in the first. Clarence Hurd scored in the second half of a pass from E.B. Peebles and later took another Peebles pass to the five where Jack Reidy scored. The 1908 squad finished the season 6-1-1 for coach J.W.H. Pollard.