Alabama vs.Clemson

  Date: 10/11/1913  
  Score: 20-0  
  Alabama vs. Clemson For the third time in as many weeks to open the 1913 season, Alabama would shutout their opponent on the Quad in Tuscaloosa, and this time it was Clemson the fell to the Thin Red Line by the score of 20-0. In the first, Hargrove VanderGraaff would open Bama's scoring with a 35 yard touchdown run. VanderGraaff would score a second touchdown in the third on a 15 yard run to give Alabama a 13-0 lead. Charles Long would then close the afternoon's scoring with his 17 yard touchdown run early in the final period. The 1913 squad would finish the season with a record of 6-3 for head coach D.V. Graves.