Alabama vs.Howard

  Date: 10/13/1906  
  Score: 14-0  
  Alabama vs. Howard For the second week in a row, Alabama was able to shutout their opponent as Howard (today known as Samford) would fall to Bama by the score of 14-0 in Tuscaloosa. After being held scoreless in the first half, Alabama would score all of their points in the second half. These points were scored on a safety, on a short touchdown run by Nathan Curtis, and on a short Auxford Burks touchdown run. As a result of Howard's train arriving in Tuscaloosa late, both teams agreed to play 15 minute halves in order to finish the game before darkness fell on the Quad. The 1906 squad finished the season 5-1 for J.W.H. Pollard in his first season as Alabama‚Äôs head coach.