Alabama vs.Florida

  Date: 10/13/1979  
  Score: 40-0  
  Alabama vs. Florida The Gators could not figure out how to move the ball against Alabama's defense all afternoon, as the "D" only allowed 66 yards of total offense to Florida in this 40-0 Alabama win in Gainesville. For the game, Bama would score five rushing touchdowns. In the first, Steadman Shealy and Steven Whitman would score on runs of 3 and 5 yards. In the third, Donald Jacobs would score on a 73 yard run for the Tide. In the fourth, Major Ogilvie and John Hill would score on runs of 1 and 2 yards respectively. The 1979 squad would finish the season 12-0, as SEC champions, and as national champions after a victory in the Sugar Bowl for coach Paul "Bear" Bryant.