Alabama vs.Mississippi State

  Date: 10/15/1904  
  Score: 5-0  
  Alabama vs. Mississippi State In a tough game, the Crimsons defeated the Maroons in Columbus 10-5. The official stats of the game give it to Alabama by the score of 5-0 since the Maroons forfeited in the second half when they walked off the field after what they perceived as a horrible call by the refs. Alabama scored 2 big touchdowns in the first half highlighted by the Auxford Burks score. In the second after Mississippi scored once it appeared that Alabama used up its 4 downs and the ball should be turned over. The refs said Bama only used 3 and had another play so A&M walked off the field in disgust. The 1904 squad finished the season 7-3 for coach W.B. Blount in his final season at Alabama.