Alabama vs.Tennessee

  Date: 10/15/1966  
  Score: 11-10  
  Alabama vs. Tennessee It wasn't a very impressive win for Alabama but a win's a win and the Tide found a way to win 11-10. Tennessee scored all of its points in the first quarter and then there was no scoring again until the fourth quarter when Alabama heated up. Kenny Stabler orchestrated a very impressive drive which he finished off with a 1 yard touchdown run and converted on the two point conversion to cut the lead to just 2. With 3:23 remaining in the game Steve Davis connected on a 17 yard field goal to put Alabama up by 1. With 18 seconds remaining on the clock the Vols drove down to the Alabama 3 yard line and lined up for a field goal. The kicked sailed wide and the Tide prevailed. The 1966 squad finished 11-0, as SEC champions, and with a win in the Sugar Bowl against Nebraska for Coach Bryant.