Alabama vs.Tennessee

  Date: 10/18/1930  
  Score: 18-6  
  Alabama vs. Tennessee For the first time all season Alabama gave up points on defense but Bama still defeated its opponent, this time Tennessee by the score of 18-6. This was the last on campus game of the season and also the homecoming game. After a scoreless first half marred by turnovers John Cain broke into the endzone in the second with a 14 yard off tackle run. Later in the quarter it was John Suther, another Tide star, who cracked the endzone on a 31 yard run to give Alabama a 12-0 halftime lead. J.R. Campbell finished the scoring for Alabama with a 2 yard plunge in the third. Tennessee got on the board in the fourth quarter but by then Alabama was already too far in front. The Vols should be commended however for playing such a great game without three of their best players who were down with injury. McEver, Hug, and Brandt all did not play in the game for Tennessee. The 1930 squad finished the season 10-0, as Southern Conference champions, and as national champions for coach Wallace Wade in his final season at Alabama.