Alabama vs.Howard

  Date: 10/2/1915  
  Score: 44-0  
  Alabama vs. Howard Alabama would open the 1915 season with this 44-0 win over Howard and in the process also gained the first victory of the Thomas Kelly era. This game was never even close, as Bama would dominate from start to finish. W.L. Harsh (who scored two), E.W. Maynor, Lovick Stephenson, Lownds Morton, and Irvine would all score touchdowns, and Bully VandeGraaff would convert all the extra point attempts in addition to a 43 yard field goal. This game also marks the first game ever played on Denny Field on the Alabama campus in Tuscaloosa. The 1915 squad would finish the season with a record of 6-2 in Thomas Kelly's first season as Alabama's head coach.