Alabama vs.Tennessee

  Date: 10/20/1984  
  Score: 27-28  
  Alabama vs. Tennessee An unbelievable 4th quarter comeback by the Vols sent a stunned Crimson Tide squad back home losing by a narrow one point margin 28-27. The Tide started the game off great by scoring the first 10 points (A Tiffin field goal and a Paul Carruth run). Alabama also scored on a touchdown pass from Vince Sutton to Greg Richardson, and another run by Paul Carruth. However the Vols wouldn't quit and capped a 4th quarter drive with a one yard touchdown run with 35 seconds left on the clock to pull within one. They added the two point conversion to seal the victory. The 1984 squad finished the season with a record of 5-6 for Ray Perkins.