Alabama vs.Sewanee

  Date: 10/21/1922  
  Score: 7-7  
  Alabama vs. Sewanee The annual game between Alabama and Sewanee was a classic defensive struggle in which the teams ended the game tied 7-7. After a scoreless first quarter Charless Bartlett passed to Allan MacCartee for a 20 yard touchdown made possible by MacCartee's clever sidestepping of defenders. In the third quarter Sewanee answered by taking back an interception 70 yards for the score. Alabama would have stopped the run back if any of the Bama players were protecting the pass. Alabama had a chance to win the game late in the third with a field goal attempt but it was blocked and the game ended locked at 7. The 1922 squad finished the season 6-3-1 for coach Xen Scott in his final season as head coach.