Alabama vs.Tennessee

  Date: 10/21/1989  
  Score: 47-30  
  Alabama vs. Tennessee In this contest, Siran Stacy had 317 all-purpose yards (including 125 yards rushing and 158 yards receiving) with four touchdowns, and Gary Hollingsworth had 379 yards passing with 3 touchdowns in this 47-30 victory over the Vols. In the first, the Tide would score on a 4 yard Hollingsworth pass to Kevin Turner and on a 22 yard Philip Doyle field goal. In the second, the Tide would score on a 75 yard touchdown pass from Hollingsworth to Stacy and on a 19 yard Doyle field goal. In the third, Bama would score on an 11 yard Hollingsworth touchdown pass to Lamonde Russell and on a 5 yard Stacy touchdown run. In the fourth, the Tide would score on a pair of Stacy touchdown runs (6 and 15 yards). The 1989 squad finished with a record of 10-2, as SEC champions, and with an appearance in the Sugar Bowl in Coach Curry's final season at the Capstone.