Alabama vs.Mississippi

  Date: 10/22/1932  
  Score: 24-13  
  Alabama vs. Mississippi Alabama suffered a huge blow in this game when captain John Cain went down to injury on the opening kickoff but despite losing its best player the Tide rebounded and defeated Mississippi 24-13. After a scoreless first quarter Alabama jumped onto the board first with a 7 yard Larry Hughes touchdown in the second. Cain came back into the game in the third period sparking his team and he ran in for the 15 for the second score. Later in the quarter two costly penalties led to Ole Miss scoring its first touchdown of the game but Erskine Walker took the opening kick off to his own 43 yard line and several plays later ran for a 53 yard touchdown. In the fourth Hughes got onto the board again with a 1 yard touchdown run to secure the win. Mississippi scored one final time but by then it was too late to turn the tide of the game. Alabama finished the 1932 season with a record of 8-2 for Coach Frank Thomas.