Alabama vs.Sewanee

  Date: 10/22/1938  
  Score: 32-0  
  Alabama vs. Sewanee The Tide started this game with its second team and still managed to blowout Sewanee by the score of 32-0. After a scoreless first quarter Victor Bradford got into the endzone to put Alabama on top 7-0 going into halftime. Charley Holm scored on a 7 yard run in the third quarter after he rushed for 43 yards the play earlier to get the ball to the Tiger's 7. In the fourth quarter Charles Boswell was the story figuring on all three touchdowns. He scored on runs of 1 and 4 yards and for the final touchdown he passed to Tut Warren. The 1938 squad finished the season with a record of 7-1-1 for Coach Frank Thomas.