Alabama vs.Tulane

  Date: 10/23/1915  
  Score: 16-0  
  Alabama vs. Tulane Just two days prior to this game against Tulane, Alabama's head coach Thomas Kelly would check into the hospital with typhoid and as a result be lost for the remainder of the season. In light of this development, Alabama would play a very disappointing game offensively in defeating Tulane by the score of 16-0. Bully VanderGraaff would be responsible for all of Bama's points going into the fourth quarter by hitting field goals in each of the first three quarters. The Thin Red Line would finally visit the endzone late in the fourth when W.L. Harsh would throw a short touchdown pass to Dan Boone on a fake kick. The 1915 squad would finish the season with a record of 6-2 in Thomas Kelly's first season as Alabama's head coach.