Alabama vs.Sewanee

  Date: 10/23/1926  
  Score: 2-0  
  Alabama vs. Sewanee After three straight road games, Alabama would return to Birmingham's Rickwood Field to do battle with the Sewanee, and in a game that was dominated by both defenses, Bama was able to escape with a slim 2-0 win over the Tigers. The only points of the game were scored in the final minutes of the fourth quarter when an Alabama lineman was able to penetrate the Sewanee line and block a punt that would roll out of the endzone for two-points. In spite of the score, Alabama did indeed dominate the game offensively in getting deep within Sewanee territory on 5 occasions only to squander excellent field position all afternoon. The 1926 squad finished the season with a 9-0-1 record, as southern conference champions, and as repeat national champions for coach Wallace Wade.