Alabama vs.Georgia

  Date: 10/26/1935  
  Score: 17-7  
  Alabama vs. Georgia The game was played tough until the bitter end and the teams were tied going into the final five minutes of play, but a touchdown and a field goal by Alabama gave them the 17-7 win in Athens Georgia. Georgia scored the first touchdown of the game in the first quarter. In the second Alabama drove the Bulldog 2 yard line but fumbled. After a punt Young Boozer took the ball in from midfield and Riley smith converted to the tie the game. The game remained tied going into the fourth quarter when Riley Smith came on to kick a field goal after the Tide drove to the Georgia four yard line and he kicked it in from the 14. On the ensuing kicked off Georgia brought it out to their own 20 but a fumble allowed Alabama to bring it to the 1 foot line and it didn't take long for Smith to drive it home. Alabama finished the 1935 season with a record of 6-2-1 for Coach Frank Thomas.