Alabama vs.Chattanooga

  Date: 10/31/1908  
  Score: 23-6  
  Alabama vs. Chattanooga Coming off a tough loss to Georgia Tech on the road, Alabama would return to Tuscaloosa and defeat Chattanooga 23-6 on the Quad. Jerre Austill would score Bama's first touchdown, and then the game would turn into the Joe Mudd show. This is the case for he would score Bama' three other touchdowns in route to the win. As a sidenote, four of Alabama's starters (Henry Burks, Jack Reidy, Derrill Pratt, and G.W. Pratt) did not play as a result of what was called "faculty trouble." The 1908 squad finished the season 6-1-1 for coach J.W.H. Pollard.