Alabama vs.Mississippi

  Date: 10/4/1930  
  Score: 64-0  
  Alabama vs. Mississippi Alabama didn't need much to defeat Ole Miss at Denny field as the Tide played mostly its reserves in the game en route to the 64-0 victory. Alabama scored 10 times and at least once in every quarter. J.R. Campbell scored 2 times while John Tucker, Ben Smith, Leon Long, Autrey Dotherow, Hilman Holley, Ralph McRight, John Suther, and Joe Causey each scored once. The big plays of the game came of Suther's 58 yard touchdown and Campbell's 42 yard score. However the major significance of this game came at the end of halftime. When the Crimson Tide came back onto the field for the second half a fan screamed "Hold your horses, the elephants are coming" and upon being quote in the newspaper four days later Alabama was at times refered to as "The Red Elephants" and the term has stuck to this day, mostly in the form of the mascot "Big Al" the Elephant. The 1930 squad finished the season 10-0 as Southern Conference champions and as National champions for coach Wallace Wade in his final season at Alabama.