Alabama vs.Maryville

  Date: 10/5/1907  
  Score: 17-0  
  Alabama vs. Maryville In the 1907 season opener, the Thin Red Line was able to defeat Maryville College by the score of 17-0 on the Quad. Raymond Sturdivant would open Bama's scoring with a short touchdown run only five minutes into the game. After Maryville started the second half by marching down the field into Alabama territory, they would fumble only to have Bama recover, and a few plays later, G.D. Howle would visit the endzone. In the closing moments of the game, Alabama would once again score with Sturdivant scoring his second touchdown of the game to secure the win. The 1907 squad finished the season 5-1-2 for head coach J.W.H. Pollard.