Alabama vs.Clemson

  Date: 10/8/1966  
  Score: 26-0  
  Alabama vs. Clemson The Alabama Crimson Tide played host to the Clemson Tigers in their first Tuscaloosa game of the season, and the home crowd was not disappointed, as the Tigers were defeated 26-0. Alabama posted points in each of the four quarters. Kenny Stabler connected with Dennis Homan in the first quarter for an 8 yard touchdown. In the second, Steve Davis punched a 32 yard field goal home and Stabler rushed one in from 1 yard out. In the third Stabler, would score his third touchdown of the game on an 8 yard pass to Ken Martin. The final score of the game came off of a 36 yard field goal by Davis in the fourth. The 1966 squad finished 11-0, as SEC champions, and with a win in the Sugar Bowl against Nebraska for Coach Bryant.