Alabama vs.LSU

  Date: 11/11/1920  
  Score: 21-0  
  Alabama vs. LSU The Crimson Tide hosted the LSU Tigers in Tuscaloosa on Armistace Day (now called Veterans Day) for the final on campus game of 1920 and just like the previous 5 times the Tide shoutout its opponent this time by the score of 21-0. LSU made just 3 first downs in the game and never seriously threatened. Touchdowns were scored by Fioretti (off of a Riggs Stephenson pass), E.B. Lenior (off of a Walter Hovater pass), and Talty O'Connor. For the first time in the 1920 season the Alabama defense allowed a point as they defeated Vandy 14-7. This game marked the first time since 1903 that the teams faced eachother. This also marked the first time that Alabama won a game against Vanderbilt as they had lost the first five meetings. Riggs Stephenson started off the scoring with a 4 yard touchdown run on the first play of the second quarter. Later in the quarter E.B. Lenoir scored on a 1 yard touchdown run to give Bama the 14-0 lead. Vandy scored late in the half to go down by just a touchdown. The Commodores had many chances to score in the second half but the Alabama defense, especially near the goal, was very strong. The punting of Riggs Stephenson also allowed the defense some breathing room and the Vandy offense nowhere to go. The 1920 squad finished the season 10-1 for coach Xen Scott.