Alabama vs.LSU

  Date: 11/11/1972  
  Score: 35-21  
  Alabama vs. LSU The Crimson Tide needed a victory against the LSU Tigers to help clinch a second straight SEC Championship and they did just that winning fairly easily 35-21. LSU started off the scoring in the first quarter but in the second Alabama answered back on a 25 yard pass from Terry Davis to Wayne Wheeler to tie the game at 7 at the half. In the third quarter Alabama would score twice. The first another touchdown from Davis to Wheeler, this time a 29 yarder, and later Davis kept it himself running it in from 25 yards out. In the fourth Steve Biscoglia scored on a 1 yard dive, and Joseph LaBue tacked on a 52 yard rush to put Alabama up 35-14. LSU scored one more time late in the game but by then it was far too late to make a comeback. The 1972 squad would finish the season with a record of 10-2, as SEC champions, and with an appearence in the Cotton Bowl for Coach Bryant.