Alabama vs.Tennessee

  Date: 11/13/1909  
  Score: 10-0  
  Alabama vs. Tennessee Alabama extended its undefeated streak to an impressive 6 games in this contest as they defeated Tennessee 10-0. To this point the Alabama defense had not surrendered a point all season. After a scoreless first half that was dominated by Tennessee, Adrian VanderGraaff finally put some points on the board in the second with a 1 yard touchdown run. The second Bama touchdown of the game came late when a punt was blocked in the endzone and Alabama recovered for a touchdown. The game was marred by controversy however when the game official made what was perceived by the Knoxville fans as a bad call and was pelted in the head with a rock. Angry fans also followed him back to his hotel room where he was subjected to more abuse. The 1909 squad finished the season 5-1-2 for coach J.W.H "Doc" Pollard in his final season at Alabama.