Alabama vs.Georgia Tech

  Date: 11/15/1947  
  Score: 14-7  
  Alabama vs. Georgia Tech With bowl fever spreading to both Tide and Yellow Jacket fans both teams needed a victory to help secure a major bowl bid but only one team can win and the Crimson Tide upset the mighty Jackets 14-7. Harry Gilmer played a spectacular game in the upset going 11 of 13 for 122 yards passing with two touchdowns. The first was off of a run in the first quarter and the second a pass to Rebel Steiner. Georgia Tech tried to mount a comeback in the final quarter drving 85 yards for a touchdown but it was too late to defeat the tough Tide. The 1947 squad finished the season 8-3 with an apperance in the Sugar Bowl for Harold "Red" Drew in his first season at the Capstone.