Alabama vs.Auburn

  Date: 11/16/1907  
  Score: 6-6  
  Alabama vs. Auburn In what would prove to be the last Alabama-Auburn game until the 1948 season due to a financial dispute, a heavily favored Auburn team could only manage a 6-6 tie against a struggling Alabama team. After Auburn was able to score as the first half ended to take a 6-0 lead, the Crimson's would answer in the early stages of the second half. After recovering an Auburn fumble, Alabama was able to drive down the field with Paul Jones scoring the game-tying touchdown. After this, both teams would play solid defense resulting in a 6-6 tie as time expired at the Birmingham Fairgrounds. This game is also credited as being the first time that the phrase "Crimson Tide" was used. The lore is that the game was played in heavy rain and after halftime Alabama came onto the field and because of the red jerseys and all the rain the phrase "Crimson Tide" was born. There is little official documentation of this fact however most Alabama fans consider this to be the start of the "Crimson Tide." The 1907 squad finished the season 5-1-2 for head coach J.W.H. Pollard.