Alabama vs.Sewanee

  Date: 11/16/1912  
  Score: 6-6  
  Alabama vs. Sewanee Coming off of a steller win over Mississippi the Crimson Tide went to Birmingham to face Sewanee and for the first time in 7 tries Bama did not lose the game and went home with a 6-6 tie. 2 of the 3 VandeGraaff brothers combined for the only touchdown of the game as Hog circled around end for a big gain leaving the ball on the 2 yard line so on the next play Adrian VandeGraaff scored. Sewanee came back on the next possession to tie the game. Sewanee almost took the victory late in the game as they drove to the 10 yard line but the Crimson's held and the game ended tied. The 1912 squad finished the season 5-3-1 for coach D.V. Graves.