Alabama vs.Auburn

  Date: 11/17/1906  
  Score: 10-0  
  Alabama vs. Auburn The fairgrounds of Birmingham witnessed the annual clash between bitter in-state rivals Alabama and Auburn. The game began amid controversy as Auburn protested the playing of an Alabama player (a reversal of roles from the previous year when Alabama protested the playing of an Auburn player). Due to league rules stating a protest must be filed at least ten days before the game, the protest was not allowed and the game continued with the current rosters. After a scoreless first half, Alabama came back in the second with the "military formation," a system never seen in the South before which caught Auburn totally off guard. Auxford Burks got Bama on the board early in the second with a field goal, and this marked the first successful place kick made in the city of Birmingham. It was Burks again late in the game scoring the only touchdown to give Bama the 10-0 win. The 1906 squad finished the season 5-1 for J.W.H. Pollard in his first season as Alabama‚Äôs head coach.