Alabama vs.Auburn

  Date: 11/18/1905  
  Score: 30-0  
  Alabama vs. Auburn Alabama faced Auburn in what was at the time the largest crowd to ever see a game in Birmingham (4,000) with the Crimsons coming out on top 30-0. Most Alabama supporters thought Bama would win the game but the margin of victory surprised everyone. Auburn's offense threatened the Alabama goal just one time in the game. T.S. Sims scored the first touchdown of the game with an 18 yard run. William LaFayette Ward scored next on a 9 yard end run that capped an eight play drive. Ward again scored in the second half on a 23 yard run. Auxford Burks made other scores, and Sims scored the last. The 1905 squad would finish the season 6-4 for coach Jack Leavenworth in his only season as Alabama‚Äôs head coach.