Alabama vs.Kentucky

  Date: 11/2/1940  
  Score: 25-0  
  Alabama vs. Kentucky After a crushing loss to Tennessee a few weeks earlier the Tide found its way back the the winning side of things defeating the Wildcats 25-0 in Lexington to spoil the homecoming celebrations. This was Alabama's 4th shutout of the season. After a scoreless first quarter Alabama came on strong in the second scoring twice and then one score each in the third and fourth quarters. Dave Brown benefitted from a fumble recovery deep in Kentucky territory to score the first touchdown of the game on a 3 yard run. Jimmy Nelson scored next for Alabama on an amazing 63 yard dash (after he made 13 more yards on the same drive). Nelson scored his second touchdown in the third quarter on a 34 yard run and the final score came in the fourth on a Don Salls interception return. The 1940 squad finished the season with a record of 7-2 for Coach Frank Thomas.