Alabama vs.Haskell Institute

  Date: 11/20/1908  
  Score: 9-8  
  Alabama vs. Haskell Institute A week after a hard fought game against Georgia, Alabama would return to the campus to defeat the Haskell Institute by the score of 9-8 in a fiercely competitive game. After scoring early in the first on a 35 yard, Derrill Pratt field goal, Bama would surrender the lead and be down 8-4 at the half. In the second half, Hershel Arant would deflect a Haskell pass that was caught by Bryant Edwards and returned 65 yards for a touchdown. With this score the Thin Red Line would take a lead that they would not relinquish in spite of a valiant comeback attempt by Haskell as time expired. The 1908 squad finished the season 6-1-1 for coach J.W.H. Pollard.