Alabama vs.Tulane

  Date: 11/20/1909  
  Score: 5-5  
  Alabama vs. Tulane For the first time all season the Tide's defense gave up a point, as Tulane finally was able to cross the endzone for five against Alabama. However the offense also made a touchdown to give Alabama its second tie of the season and continue the unbeaten streak which now extended to 7 games on the season and 11 overall. Adrian VandeGraaff scored the only Alabama touchdown in the first half. It looked as though Alabama would win this game until just minutes remaining in the game Tulane scored a touchdown and needed only the point after attempt to be good for the victory. However, the attempt was no good and the game ended in a 5-5 tie. The 1909 squad finished the season 5-1-2 for coach J.W.H "Doc" Pollard in his final season at Alabama.