Alabama vs.Georgia

  Date: 11/22/1919  
  Score: 6-0  
  Alabama vs. Georgia For the third game in the row Alabama ventured out of Alabama to face its opponent, this time at Ponce de Leon Park in Atlanta and in front of 10,000 fans defeated Georgia by the score of 6-0. No touchdowns were scored in the game as the only points came on 2 Talty O'Connor drop kicked field goals. An interesting side note to the game is that since Georgia Tech did not have a game scheduled many of the students attended this game and cheered on Alabama to defeat their bitter in state rivals. The game was however not over until the bitter end as the final play of the game saw an Alabama pass intercepted by the fastest member of the Georgia squad and only a lucky tackle by an Alabama defender saved the game. The 1919 squad finished the season 8-1 for coach Xen Scott in his first years at Alabama.