Alabama vs.Mississippi

  Date: 11/25/1915  
  Score: 53-0  
  Alabama vs. Mississippi After losing a pair of road games in the previous two weeks, Alabama would deliver a devastating blow to the University of Mississippi football squad by defeating them by the score of 53-0 to close the 1915 season. Tony Brannon, William Harsh (who each scored two touchdowns), Dink Hagan, Lovick Stephenson, and Walter Hovater would all score touchdowns, and in what was his final game at Alabama, Bully VanderGraaff would hit a field goal and six point after attempts (VanderGraaff would also be named Alabama's first All-American following the season). The 1915 squad would finish the season with a record of 6-2 in Thomas Kelly's first season as Alabama's head coach.