Alabama vs.Case College

  Date: 11/27/1920  
  Score: 40-0  
  Alabama vs. Case College For the third time in 8 days the Alabama squad played a game, this time all the way in Cleveland Ohio against Case College but the Tide was still up to the challenge defeating Case 40-0. The game marked a great end to an amazing 10-1 season which could have easily been 11-0 if it were not for some costly fumbles against Georgia that led to two touchdowns. E.B. Lenoir, Riggs Stephenson, and Al Clemens all scored a pair of touchdowns in this contest. Stephenson's passing was the highlight of the game as several of his passes went for big yardage including gains of 15,20,25, and 30 yards. The 1920 squad finished the season 10-1 for coach Xen Scott.