Alabama vs.Tennessee

  Date: 11/28/1912  
  Score: 7-0  
  Alabama vs. Tennessee Alabama finished the 1912 season at home in Birmingham against Tennessee, and despite being outweighed by nearly 15 pounds per man, the Crimsons won the Thanksgiving Day game 7-0. Adrian VanderGraaff scored the only touchdown of the game on a 25 yard reverse. Tennessee drove deep into Bama territory three times but all three times Alabama held and kept the Vols out of the endzone. This game also marked the end of Captain Farley Moody's Alabama career. Moody would go on to fight in World War One, and he was unfortunately killed just one month prior to the 1918 Armistice. The 1912 squad finished the season 5-3-1 for coach D.V. Graves.