Alabama vs.Vanderbilt

  Date: 11/28/1935  
  Score: 6-14  
  Alabama vs. Vanderbilt The Vanderbilt Commodores was all that stood between the Tide and a possible January 1st bowl game but Vandy decided to play spoiler in the game and defeated the Tide 14-6. In looking at the scorecard you might thing that Alabama won the game but Vandy took advantage of five Tide fumbles to help them get the win. After Vandy scored the first touchdown in the game the Tide came back in the third quarter when Joe Kilgrow passed a 50 yard strike to Jimmy Walker who streaked down the sidelines for the touchdown to bring Alabama to within a point. On a fluke 4th quarter play Vanderbilt got its second touchdown. A 4th down snap was fumbled by the Commodore quarterback who kicked a low liner punt which grazed the leg of one of the Alabama players, rolled into the endzone and Vanderbilt recovered for a touchdown. It was a miserable end to an otherwise incredible Tide season. Alabama finished the 1935 season with a record of 6-2-1 for Coach Frank Thomas.