Alabama vs.Tennessee

  Date: 11/29/1906  
  Score: 51-0  
  Alabama vs. Tennessee Alabama closed out the 1906 season with a convincing victory over Tennessee on Thanksgiving day by the score of 51-0. Tennessee's offense was able to make just 2 first downs in the game. In all Alabama scored 9 touchdowns highlighted by the 75 yard run by P.B. Jones. N.S. Curtis was by far the offensive star of the game scoring 6 touchdowns while Jones added a pair and Auxford Burks scored one. This game marked the last game of Burks who was a standout for Alabama in his 3 years on the squad. The 1906 squad finished the season 5-1 for J.W.H. Pollard in his first season as Alabama‚Äôs head coach.