Alabama vs.Auburn

  Date: 11/29/1974  
  Score: 17-13  
  Alabama vs. Auburn With a record of 10-0 going into the 1974 Iron Bowl the Crimson Tide needed a win over hated rival Auburn to have a shot at the National Championship. Even with all the pressure the Tide prevailed 17-13. Richard Todd connected with Steadman Shealy for a 45 yard touchdown reception in the first quarter to give Alabama the early lead. Fred Berrey tacked on a 36 yard field goal in the second to send Bama on top by 10. After an Auburn touchdown the lead was at 3 going into half time. In the third quarter Calvin Culliver ran it in from 13 yards out to put Alabama on top by 10. Auburn attempted a fourth quarter comeback but when they missed the two-point conversion that would have made it a 3 point game it was all over for the Tigers. The 1974 squad finished the season with a record of 11-1, as SEC champions, and with an appearance in the Orange Bowl for Coach Bryant.