Alabama vs.Mississippi State

  Date: 11/3/1906  
  Score: 16-4  
  Alabama vs. Mississippi State After coming off their only loss of the season (a 78-0 blowout by Vanderbilt) the Crimsons travelled to Starkville to face Mississippi A&M and Bama rolled 16-4. The first half was scoreless despite many oppurtunities by Alabama. In total five plays were called back on penalties that would have otherwise advanced the ball inside the Mississippi 5 yard line. Mississippi's only score of the game came early in the second amidst much controversy. Alabama called for a time out while a player was injured but the ref says he "did not hear a timeout called" and urged A&M to kick a field goal (worth 4 points). They did just that and the Aggies were up 4-0. Auxford Burks scored the first touchdown for Alabama on a 30 yard punt return. "Booze" Jones scored the next touchdown with a 1 foot dive accross the endzone for the second score of the game. B.B. Edwards scored the final Alabama touchdown of the game when he recovered the ball in the endzone. With the goal after conversion Alabama went up 16-4 and would keep that score till the end. The 1906 squad finished the season 5-1 for J.W.H. Pollard in his first season as Alabama‚Äôs head coach.