Alabama vs.Mississippi State

  Date: 11/3/1973  
  Score: 35-0  
  Alabama vs. Mississippi State The Crimson Tide traveled to Jackson to face the Mississippi State Bulldogs in a night game. Bama was able to score at least once in each quarter of the contest easily beating State 35-0. Randy Billingsley started off the scoring with a 38 yard run in the first quarter. In the second, Bill Davis hit on two field goals (29, and 27) in the second quarter to give Alabama the 13-0 halftime lead. In the third Willie Shelby scored on a 29 yard rush and Alabama connected on the two point conversion. And in the final quarter Wilbur Jackson and Ralph Stokes added rushing touchdowns. Jackson's a 6 yard score and Stokes' a 1 yard rush. The 1973 squad finished the season with a record of 11-1 as SEC champions, and as national champions for Coach Bryant.