Alabama vs.Pennsylvania

  Date: 11/4/1922  
  Score: 9-7  
  Alabama vs. Pennsylvania November 4, 1922 was a very important date in Alabama football history and even southern football history. Much like the 1926 Rose Bowl a few seasons later, this game marked a first for southern football. It was a well known "fact" around the football world that the West coast was the power and the East was a close second with the South being a distant third but Alabama travelled 2,500 miles up to Pennsylvania and stunned all the critics with their 9-7 victory. Penn's game against Navy the afternoon before game the coaching staff a chance to see the squad in person before the game which gave Alabama a tactical advantage. Alabama got going early in the game when Bull Wesley kicked a long field goal to but the Tide up by 3. Later in the quarter Penn came back to take the lead but Bama was not about to go home on the losing end. Alabama came back strong in the second quarter on the back of leader Charles Bartlett. Bartlett drove the team down the field on most notably a 22 yard run from the 27 that put the ball on the Penn 4 yard line. Pooley Hubert went in the rest of the way but fumbled the ball in the endzone. Shorty Propst recovered the ball and gave Alabama the 9-7 lead that they would never give up. Penn threatened again very late in the fourth quarter but faced a fourth and long play. Alabama covered the recievers downfield and threw the quarterback for a loss and the game went the way of Alabama and also in some ways the entire south. The 1922 squad finished the season 6-3-1 for coach Xen Scott in his final season as head coach.