Alabama vs.LSU

  Date: 11/6/1999  
  Score: 23-17  
  Alabama vs. LSU Marvin Constant and Reggie Myles combined to stop LSU's Josh Booty on the goal line as time expired to secure a 23-17 victory for the Tide. Shaun Alexander would score Bama's first points in the second on a 1 yard touchdown run, and Ryan Pflugner would hit a 31 yard field goal to close the first half. In the third, Bama would score a pair of touchdowns - on an 18 yard pass from Tyler Watts to Jason McAddley and on a 6 yard Watts pass to Antonio Carter. The 1999 squad finished the season with a 10-3 record, as SEC champions, and with an appearence in the Orange Bowl for coach Mike Dubose.