Alabama vs.Tulane

  Date: 11/7/1936  
  Score: 34-7  
  Alabama vs. Tulane For the first time since 1921 the Crimson Tide and Tulane faced off. These teams would face each other almost non-stop until the mid 1960's when Tulane left the SEC. This game almost marked another historic first. 1936 marked the opening of the Associated Press's rankings of major college football and this game marked the first occasion, which an Alabama team was ranked, and also the first time they faced a ranked opponent as Alabama came in ranked 14 while Tulane was 10. As for the game, the underdog Tide defeated Tulane 34-7. Tulane struck first in the first quarter, but from that point on it was all Alabama's game. Joe Riley struck first on a 54 yard running play to tie the game and later in the first quarter Perron Shoemaker took a pass from Joe Kilgrow 34 yards for a touchdown. For the final score of the first half Erwin Warren took a pass from Kilgrow for a 10 yard touchdown. There was still more scoring to be had in the second half. James Nisbet scored on a 2 yard run and finally in the fourth Leroy Monsky intercepted a pass on the Tulane 25 and ran it in for the score. The 1936 squad finished the season 8-0-1 for Coach Frank Thomas.