Alabama vs.Clemson

  Date: 11/9/1935  
  Score: 33-0  
  Alabama vs. Clemson In front of a 10,000 homecoming crowd the Crimson Tide defeated Clemson by the score of 33-0. After a scoreless first quarter Riley Smith scored on a quarterback sneak in the second quarter as did Jimmy Walker to give Alabama a 2 score lead into halftime. In the third quarter Alabama did most of its damage to an undermatched Clemson squad. Joe Kilgrow scored on an 11 yard run, and James Angelich scored on a 15 yard run. Back up End Red Kelled scored the final touchdown in the fourth quarter on a 39 yard pass from Charles Stapp. Alabama finished the 1935 season with a record of 6-2-1 for Coach Frank Thomas.