Alabama vs.Tulane

  Date: 11/9/1940  
  Score: 13-6  
  Alabama vs. Tulane The game was a battle up until the bitter end but the punting of Tide star Jimmy Nelson was the difference in the game as the Tide narrowly defeated the Greenies 13-6 in Birmingham. After a scoreless first quarter Nelson punted deep to the Tulane 1 yard line. The return man elected to let the ball bounce in hopes it would go into the endzone for a touchback but it took an odd bounce off of another Tulane player and Alabama recovered on the Tulane 3 yard line. Two plays later Paul Spencer drove through the line for the score. Another strange bounce helped the Tide later in the game as well when Tulane punted to the 40 but the ball bounced all the way back to the Tulane 26 yard line and 4 plays later Jimmy Nelson ran in on a 12 touchdown run. Tulane scored a few plays after a costly interception and threatened one last time at the end of the game. They had Bama pinned on her own 2 yard line, took a short punt to the Alabama 34 but a costly interception thwarted the drive. Tulane got it back one last time however another interception as time expired sealed the deal. The 1940 squad finished the season with a record of 7-2 for Coach Frank Thomas.