Alabama vs.LSU

  Date: 11/9/1946  
  Score: 21-31  
  Alabama vs. LSU The Tide gave an outstanding effort in the fourth quarter of this contest, but came up just a little short in this battle on the bayou losing to an always tough LSU squad 31-21. Alabama took the early lead in the first quarter with a fumble recovery by the defense that was brought back for a score. However the offense stayed dry until the final quarter. LSU racked up 2 touchdowns in the second quarter and 3 in the third to give them more than enough for the victory. In the final quarter Fred Grant scored on a 1 yard run and Hal Self ran accross the goal on a 9 yard run. The 1946 squad finished the season 7-4 for coach Frank Thomas in his final season at the Capstone.