Alabama vs.Auburn

  Date: 12/2/1972  
  Score: 16-17  
  Alabama vs. Auburn The 1972 Iron Bowl is one that Alabama fans want to forget and Auburn fans love to remember. For most of the game however it seemed it would be just the opposite. The Tide held the Tigers to a mere 7 total first downs and just 80 yards of total offense. Alabama led 16-0 headed into the fourth quarter. After a scoreless first quarter Steve Bisceglia scored the first points of the game on a 3 yard rush. Auburn blocked the extra point attempt. This would prove costly later. Later in the quarter Bill Davis tacked on a 24 yard field goal for a 9-0 halftime lead. In the third, Wilbur Jackson had a 6 yard touchdown run and Alabama was in the driver's seat going into the final quarter. Auburn would score its first point of the game on a field goal, but the horror of the game came later. Auburn blocked two Alabama punt attempts deep in Bama territory and ran them back for touchdowns. The game will forever be known as "Punt Bama Punt." The loss gave the tide its only loss of the 1972 season in regular season play. The 1972 squad would finish the season with a record of 10-2, as SEC champions, and with an appearance in the Cotton Bowl for Coach Bryant.