Alabama vs.Tulane

  Date: 12/3/1921  
  Score: 14-7  
  Alabama vs. Tulane For the first time since 1914, Alabama's season stretched into December as Bama traveled to New Orleans and defeated the Greenies 14-7. The Tide had to come from behind to defeat a heavily favored Tulane squad. The first three quarters of football were scoreless until in the fourth when Tulane struck first. Then, Alabama mounted an impressive drive capped by a 20 yard Charles Bartlett touchdown run to tie the game up at 7. It was Bartlett again with another 20 yard touchdown run that put Alabama on top 14-7. The game ended in controversy as Tulane snapped the ball and threw to the endzone for an apparent game-tying touchdown. Unfortunately for the Greenies, the ref had blown the whistle before the ball was snapped and the game was officially over and the score was ruled no good. The referee needed police protection to leave the field safely. The 1921 squad finished the season 5-4-2 for coach Xen Scott.