Alabama vs.Auburn

  Date: 12/4/1948  
  Score: 55-0  
  Alabama vs. Auburn This blowout victory over Auburn marked the renewal of the Alabama-Auburn rivalry. The two teams finally met again after nearly 50 years of not playing one another. The demand for the game was so strong that the Alabama Legislature introduced a bill that would withhold funding to the schools until the schools agreed to play each other. When the teams finally did meet in Birmingham, 45,000 fans watched Alabama totally dominate the Tigers in every aspect of the game and walk away with the inaugural ODK trophy that was to be presented to the winner of the game every year. Everyone for the Tide shined in the game, but the greatest star was Ed Salem who accounted for four of the Tide's touchdowns and hit 7 of 8 extra point attempts. Other Bama touchdowns were scored by both Butch Avinger (off of a Gordon Pettus pass) and Rebel Steiner in this demolition of the Tigers. This was the final victory of Alabama's 1948 season. The 1948 squad finished the season with a record of 6-4-1 for Coach Red Drew.